What is Brocade Fabric | A Different Type of This Fabric

Composition: Patterned, woven textile yarn
Used in:
Dresses, trousers, coats, and also suits

You have seen a lot of fabric, but it’s never enough if you don’t know what is brocade fabric. Fashion designers love to see this fabric because it offers a real moment in suiting the fabric one another. Because the textile industry is also developing, there are different types.

Brocade fabric is usually used for dresses, trousers, coats, and also suits. Brocade can be used as a million different things because he has a versatile tendency. Your clients will also see that the stitching of the brocade fabric looks really amazing.

What is Brocade Fabric

In general, the unique characteristics of brocade can be obtained because it is made of a number of material blends. Compared to other types of fabric, the silk blend here is more dominant. And then combined with cotton, and polyester so that it looks glamorous.

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The manufacturing process will also have to go through the jacquading process, which is to create a visual design with embroidered and embossed using the background weave technique. Regarding the cleaning process, this fabric is dry clean only.

Know what is Brocade Fabric from its Types

Know what is Brocade Fabric from its Types

You already understand the definition of brocade, but now you don’t know much about how to use the brocade according to the available types. The beauty of brocade is one of the reasons to look for it in the market. And what you can choose in the market are:

  1. Silk Brocade

What is Brocade Fabric

The most popular is Silk Brocade. This is the type of brocade that has the most dominant silk blend. What is brocade fabric you already recognize as not 100% silk, but for silk brocade, the mixture reaches 70% more.

  1. Velvet Brocade

What is Brocade Fabric

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