What is Organdy Fabric and what are Those Types?

Composition: Plain-weave cotton fibers
Used in:
Typically used as a garment overlay in gowns, blouses, full pleated skirts, cuffs, puffy sleeves, waistcoats, and hooded tops

What is organdy fabric also known as Swiss organdy. The fabric composition is a type of plain-weave cotton fibers with possible thread count variations up to 100-300. And in fact, the fabric’s breathability and stretchability are contrary and have other characteristics.

In general, organdy fabric is the crispest type of cotton. This is a type of textile that looks semi-transparent but is relatively very delicate. The variety of this fabric is also related to similar to lawn cloth and batiste, but this is better when finished later.

What is Organdy Fabric

This type of fabric became popular in when middle ages in Europe, and this garment immediately became one of the most popular. Organdy fabrics are animal-derived types of fabric. But when compared to other fabrics, the weight is lighter and crisper.

Today, the cloth has become modern cotton with a better variety. This material provides a contemporary layer to puffy dresses. But if you want to find out what organdy fabrics are, now there is a wide variety with more complex features.

Know what is Organdy Fabric and Its Various Kinds

Know what is Organdy Fabric and Its Various Kinds

What is organdy fabric has to do with the variations that are scattered across the industry choices. Even for apparel now, it is the garment that produces attractive types of clothing. So for the option to get an organdy fabric and want to create it, there are the options:

  1. Silk Organdy

type of organdy

The first type of organdy that is also the easiest to find is the one made of 100% silk. It is also what makes this organdy fabric called Silk Organdy. With this type of fabric, organza looks more luxurious and elegant and still has a crisp character.

  1. Crystal Organdy

type of organdy

Crystal Organdy is a variation of fabric that is also smooth, but not as smooth as silk. The characteristic of this fabric is that it looks shiny, like a crystal. Even though this is included in the ranks of the shiniest textile, but is still durable.

  1. Air Organdy Fabric

type of organdy

Air Organdy Fabric is made of ultra-fine polyester. This fabric has a thinner layer than what is organdy fabric that we know in general. This air organdy also has a lighter weight than the others.

  1. Mirror Organdy

type of organdy

Mirror organdy has a character similar to crystal organdy. The difference is the function, which is used more for interior decorating than clothes. The shiny quality or mirror organza can reflect light.

  1. Satin Organdy

type of organdy

If you hold this type of fabric, it won’t be difficult to guess if this is a satin type of fabric. A wrinkled and crisp look is the main characteristic of organdy. But you need to maintain the crisp drape so that it lasts a long time.

  1. Embroidered Organdy

type of organdy

When compared to any standard of organdy, this embroidered fabric has a special pattern and it look like a decoration. The sequins and the addition of embroidery give this fabric a characteristic that other organza types

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Organdy fabric is of high quality but at a low price. This fabric is made with the production of cotton yam, twisting, and weaving, and finally finished with acid. What is organdy fabric is also added with paint to make it look even better.


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