Woven Fabric vs Knit | What is The Difference? Which is Better?

Woven fabric vs knit has main differences in thread construction. The woven fabric uses crossed yarn structure, while the knit contains a single looped construction.

Both fabrics have other factors including durability, elasticity, strength, etc. So, here are some differences between knit and woven fabric you should know.

1. The Stretch

Woven fabric vs knit may be different in stretchiness. Woven fabric has a bit of elasticity so it does not stretch much horizontally or vertically.

However, the fabric can stretch on the diagonal. Sometimes designers will cut woven material at a diagonal to give it a more form-fitting drape beautifully.

Meanwhile, knit fabric stretches more than woven. This fabric has loops of thread that make it flexible and good for for-fitting attire. It is so elastic but it can stretch out and become easily skewed.

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Woven material has more of a structure than knit fabrics. So, clothes made out of woven require buttons or zippers.

2. The Durability

Woven materials typically have durability better than knit fabric. This type of fabric can resist pilling and hold its shape after a lot of washing.

The knit fabric will easily pill, stretch out, and lose its appearance. It also needs to be taken care of properly, since it is a lot easier to damage than the woven material.

3. The Strength

The strength of any fabric usually depends on the type of fiber on it. Woven and knit fabrics are made out of the same type of material.

The fact is that woven fabric has greater strength than knit material. It has the tensile from the crossed threads to bring the shape and strengthen it.

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