What is Suede Fabric and Tips to Take Care

We use a lot of suede products, but what is suede fabric? We often use products such as shoes and bags, but never imagine the basic materials. So, many people are foreign to this type of factory cloth.

It is very often found and purchased. Usually, self products that use this material. However, this type of fabric is also found in various furniture or household furniture.

This is one of the favorite types of fabric in the community. They are happy with the softness they have. Gentleness and warmth are important elements in making the body comfortable and warm.

However, this material must be maintained and cleaned regularly by observing some rules. The material is very sensitive so it needs to be handled with care.

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What is Suede Fabric

What is Suede Fabric?

To answer the question of what is suede fabric, historical events are very important to note. In essence, this kind of fabric comes from the French “gants de Suède” which means glove from Sweden.

Uniquely, this material comes from the skin of animals such as cows, deer, and sheep. So do not be surprised if it is very smooth and warms the human body when used.

The use of basic ingredients for animal skin is processed in a factory that was previously rough to be smoother. Due to its softness, the animals used are relatively young because older animals have rougher skin.

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What is Suede Fabric and Tips to Take Care

Tips Care Suede Fabric

Interesting facts about suede, this material has a weak durability. It must be protected from chemicals, oil, and water, so it needs special attention in caring for it.

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