The Way To Knit Wrap And Turn To Create A Short Pattern

Almost the same as crocheting, knitting has many types of techniques including the knit wrap and turn technique. Meanwhile, the different techniques will create a different pattern such as the wrap and turn technique creates the short pattern.

Moreover, the short pattern has a unique look and texture which can be used as the base pattern of the wearable product. Meanwhile, this pattern seems shorter than another pattern with a simple texture.

The Wrap And Turn Knitting Technique

Same as other knitting techniques, the wrap and turn technique has a unique and special pattern. Also known as the short rows, this technique has a mini-size pattern with a short pattern also.

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Meanwhile, the look of the wrap and turn technique is simple. However, the knitter needs to give more patience in applying the knit wrap because it takes a long time because of the short pattern.

Knit Wrap And Turn Tutorials

Knit Wrap And Turn

In the previous explanation, this technique has a unique pattern that makes it popular among knitters including the newbie. The following words will explain the detail of how to do the wrap and turn technique to create the short pattern.

1. Wrap And Turn On the Side

Knit Wrap And Turn Knit Wrap And Turn Knit Wrap And Turn Knit Wrap And Turn

There are 2 kinds of knit wrap and turn, they are on the side and the purl side. Here is the side style of the wrap and turn technique shown in the detailed tutorial.

  • The pattern will start on the second right side row.
  • First, Knit as usual and leave the 2 stitches on the last.
  • In the next 2 last stitches, knit wrap and turn on the side carefully.
  • Move and knit the back yarn and purlwise to the hole.
  • Knit the yarn from the left to the right needle.
  • After moving the yarn, pull the yarn around the right needle to the front of the project.
  • Slip and stitch the yarn back to the left needle.
  • Keep knitting on the purlwise or the wrong side until the project is finished. Make sure to mark the pattern to avoid mistakes.
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2. Turn On The Purl Side

Knit Wrap And Turn Knit Wrap And Turn Knit Wrap And Turn Knit Wrap And Turn

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