Knitting vs Crochet, What are the Main Differences

Knitting vs crochet is slightly similar as it refers to stitching yarn techniques. Both techniques are used to create projects like mittens, hats, and blankets. In addition, you can try to connect the yarn and the pattern for your project.

Both knitting and crochet have different techniques and tools. So, it requires practice to improve your skill. Here are some differences between crochet and knitting you need to know.

Knitting vs Crochet

1. The Technique

Knitting vs crochet probably has some differences in technique. Knitting requires two needles by using both hands. However, it helps to store loops to scoop out a fresh row by using one needle as a fundament.

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Meanwhile, crochet is mainly using one hand and a hook to create the fabric. The hook helps you to pull yarn through loops resulting in more stable stitches. Also, you don’t need any other tools for complex patterns.

2. The Tool

When it comes to tools, you can use either looms, pointed needles, or knitting machines. Generally, machines and looms are used to mass-produce items for the garment industry.

You will only use a pair of pointy needles made of plastic, metal, or wood in the hand knitting process. Also, there are a few configurations of knitting needles that you can use for different projects.

In addition, crochet only uses a hook to create delicate projects. A hook is a stick with a tiny hooked end that comes in different sizes from small to large. This tool is typically made of aluminum, steel, wood, etc.

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3. The Fabric

Knitted fabric is popular and commercially available in retail stores even though the appearance looks slightly different. Typically, machine knit fabric like jerseys is used as the material for socks, sweaters, shirts, or undergarments.

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