How To Increase Stitch In Knitting To Make A Wearable Product

The process of how to increase stitch in knitting is one of the basic parts which must be known by the knitters. Meanwhile, although the increased stitch is the basic part, it is important to make the wearable product.

The wearable knit product may have many kinds of patterns including the increased stitch. Whereas, knowing the way to increase the stitch is important like the following information is explained.

How To Increase Stitch In Knitting 1

1. KFB (Knit Front Back) Increase Stitch

How To Increase Stitch In Knitting

There are two types of increasing stitch in knitting, they are KFB or knitting front back and making one or M1. The knit front back increase has a special pattern that is different from the main knit pattern.

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However, these increased stitches are shown and appear like the decoration of the product. The following sentences will show detailed ways to increase stitch in knitting by knitting front back increase stitch style.

  • Get stitches from the right needle to the next stitch as usual.
  • Make one stitch through the hole but don’t move the original or main stitch to the left needle. Changing the position of the stitch to the left needle can stitch off the stitches before finishing the increase process.
  • Move to the back loop on the right needle and knit in the back loop hole same as the previous stitch.
  • Move the behind yarn towards the front and wrap it around the tip with the right needle anti-clockwise.
  • Knit through the loop by moving into and out of the stitch as the common knit stitch.
  • Move the left side stitch off the left side needle.
  • After finishing those processes, you will incidentally increase the stitch in knitting.
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2. M1 or Make One Increase Knit

How To Increase Stitch In Knitting

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