Sweater Pattern Knitting for Beginners You Should Know

Not many knitters like a challenge to make a sweater because it looks like a big project. But there are many sweater pattern knitting you can do. Find the simple one and start with your basic skill and go from there.

There are a few essential skills you should have, such as casting on and binding off. Then, know how to form the knit stitch. If you knit a textured sweater or if it has ribbing, then purling is handy.

Where to Start

Making an adult-size sweater needs the same skill as making a small one. It will be finished sooner and you will have the experience to move on to the bigger project now. So, start small.

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Sweater pattern knitting for babies is the simple one. It is just a garter stitch and no need for shaping as well. You will be done in no time. Then you can move on to children’s sweater patterns and so on. You already have the experience; you can move on easily.

For your projects, choose the pattern in garter stitch, stockinette, or any other easy stitch pattern. Using the heavier weight yarns is faster and easier to count. After a few times, you can move on to the more difficult ones to improve your skill.

Pay Attention to Gauge

This sweater pattern will make you realize the importance of paying attention to gauge. The accurate gauge will give you the perfect fit of size as intended.

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Make a swatch and wash it, then measure it carefully. You can reknit on different needles if you have to. But make sure you have the correct gauge. That way, you will have a sweater that fits perfectly.

Finishing is Important

After you get the gauge and knit all the pieces for your sweater, now it is finishing time. Make time to sew your seams properly. Use the mattress stitch for sewing side stitches.

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