What Is Shantung Fabric | Luxury and Durable in One Material

If you are looking for a type of fabric that looks luxurious but has good durability, then you need to know what is shantung fabric. It will make you feel the material even more without having to worry about it getting damaged quickly.

Shantung is a type of silk fabric that is characterized by the presence of irregular ridges or slubs. It is a luxurious type of fabric because it is made directly from top-quality silk threads and will give a unique texture to the surface of this fabric when touched.

Just like other types of silk, Shantung is known for being crisp, and lightweight. In appearance, it is also very elegant and suitable for various uses. Even for wedding dresses, many have used Shantung Fabric because of the impression of luxury.

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Furthermore, Shantung Fabric is intended for making other garments such as suits, blouses, skirts, and others. If you’re asking if Shantung is silk fabric, then it’s true, Shantung is actual silk, with all the materials from genuine silkworms.

What Is Shantung Fabric

What Is Shantung Fabric and What Makes Very Special?

Shantung fabric is made from actual silk and produces the same material as the fabric that we know is very expensive. However, seeing each of the uses of Shantung, many also ask what makes it so special.

From the study we did, what is shantung fabric, and what makes it special because of its specific manufacturing location. Originated in China, Shandong province, this area has been widely recognized as an area producing high-quality silk fabrics.

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The special characteristics of silk originating from Shandong make it look different from other types of silk. Because it is made using silk thread, it is not surprising that the price is also quite expensive, and has been classified as one of the most expensive fabrics.

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