The Way To Knit Wrap And Turn To Create A Short Pattern

The difference between the purl side and the wrap and turn side technique is located in the pattern. The way to knit with this technique is almost the same as the previous one.

  • First, the start will purl knit on all the stitches on the left needle. Left the 2 last stitches on the same needle.
  • Move and knit the front yarn purlwise to the hole.
  • Next, continue to move and knit the yarn from the left to the right needle.
  • After moving the yarn, pull the yarn around the right needle to the back of the project.
  • Slip and stitch the yarn back to the left needle.
  • Keep knitting on the purlwise or the wrong side until the project is finished. Make sure to mark the pattern to avoid mistakes.
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To sum up, create a knit wrap and turn pattern by continuing the step several times until the pattern is shown. Try and error probably happens and they are normal in the learning process.

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