The Different Parts Of A Hat In Common And Baseball Cap

One of the most popular accessories is a hat. There are a lot of hats with different parts of a hat such as a baseball cap. Meanwhile, in this modern day, many beautiful hat designs exist and become popular in society.

Both young and old people like to wear a hat and create their performance. However, it has different parts and shapes which match the head of the people. It can be said that people need to use suitable hat shapes to create their perfect performance.

The Parts of Hat


The parts of a hat are various. every single part has a different purpose which is determined by the look, comfortable feeling, shape, and many others. The following information will show the hat’s part including the function.

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1. Brim

Every hat has a brim that protects the head from the sunlight. However, every hat may have a different brim style and shape. According to the fedora hat, the brim is located around the head.

2. Crown Shape

Another must-have hat part is the crown shape. As the name crown, this part stands around the brim to shape the hat. On the other hand, the thing that shapes the hat is the crown shape.

Meanwhile, the crown shape should fit the head to create a perfect and comfortable feeling in using the hat. Therefore, the size of the crown shape must be matched with the head.

3. Crown

The crown is the top side of the crown shape. The area of the crown is above the head which sits on the head. There are many shapes of the crown based on the type of the hat.

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For a baseball cap, the crown will have a round shape which is similar to the shape of the head. For other hats, the shape of the crown will be flat or creased down.

4. Sweat Band

The sweatband is the hidden part of a hat which does not show when the hat is used. However, the sweatband creates a comfortable feeling when the hat is used. It absorbs the sweat that comes out of the head.

The Parts of  Baseball Cap

Parts Of A Baseball Cap

The Types of Hats

Hat has many parts based on the designs and the types. Different designs or types will have different parts also. For your information, the following words will explain more about any kind of hat type.

1. Fedora

The Different Parts Of A Hat In Common And Baseball Cap

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