How to Casting Off Knitting for Begginers Should Know

When your knitting project is finished, you need to cast off the stitches. This will secure the edge so they will not unravel. Casting off knitting is sometimes a bit tricky, but not that difficult.

Casting off is an important skill to know for any knitter. Your work will look neat and has a tidy edge. In this article, we will inform you of the best way to do so.


Meaning of a Cast Off

In knitting, “casting off” is a process of binding the stitches and the end of a row. It will secure the stitches so they will not be unraveling. Moreover, it will also create the finished edge.

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In the United States, this term is called “Bind Off.” But both terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

Casting Off, Step by Step

As mentioned before, casting off can be a bit tricky. But not that difficult to do. Here is the casting-off knitting step by step for you to follow:

1. Knit the First Two Stitches


Typically, you will cast off on the right side (RS). The first step is to knit the first two stitches on your needle as usual. Try to keep the stitches a bit loose, that way the cast-off will not be too tight.

2. Cast Off the First Stitch


Insert the tip of your left needle into the first knit stitch on your right needle. Then. Use the needle tip to lift the first stitch (on the right) over the second one (on the left).

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3. Knit the Next Stitch


Continue to knit the next stitch on your left needle as usual. Now you have two stitches on the right needle.

4. Cast Off the Next Stitch


Use the left needle to lift the right stitch over the left one. Then let it drop off the needle. Now you have cast off another stitch.

5. Repeat the Process


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