Knitting the Rib Stitch, Your Basic Knowledge

This is one of the basic stitches to learn. The rib stitch is a textured vertical stripe. Created by alternating between the knit and the purl stitches in the same row. Knitting the rib stitch is important for your projects.

Knowing how to do the rib stitch pattern will help you knit many things. This is one of the best ways to make a stretchy form-fitting fabric.

Where to Use Rib Stitch

As one of the basic stitches for knitting, the rib stitch is used in many things. But here is some of it as an example:

  • Cuffs on mittens.
  • Borders on sweaters.
  • Hats and socks.
  • Necklines.
  • Waistlines – to make a form-fitting top.
  • Scarves and hems.

Step by Step on How to Make Rib Stitch

For knitting the rib stitch, you need to knit and purl in a continuous pattern. All are in the same row. Do remember to take your yarn backward for a knit stitch. Then forwards for the purl stitch. That way, you will not tangle your work. Here is the step by step for you:

  • Knit two stitches as a start.
  • Take your yarn forward to purl two stitches.
  • Then take your yarn backward to knit two stitches.
  • Keep repeating the second and third steps until that row is finished.
  • Repeat all the steps for each row.
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Pay attention to the sequence of those stitches. If the stitch below looks like a ‘V’, then you need to knit one stitch. On the other hand, if the stitch below looks like a bar, then you need to purl one stitch.

Types of Rib Stitch Pattern

There are many types of rib stitch patterns you can use. Depending on your design and what kind of project you knit. Here are some examples:

  • 1 x 1 rib stitch. This means you knit 1 stitch then purl 1 stitch across your needle.
  • 2 x 2 rib stitch. This means you knit 2 stitches then purl 2 stitches across your needle. It will be a little more stretchy and reversible than the first one.
  • 3 x 3 rib stitch. This means you knit 3 stitches then purl 3 stitches. Multiple of 6 stitches.
  • 4 x 2 rib stitch. This means you knit 4 stitches and then purl 2 stitches. This is also another multiple of 6 stitches.
  • 4 x 4 rib stitch. This means you knit 4 stitches then purl 4 stitches. Multiple of 8 stitches.
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All the above are common patterns. But you can get creative and make another variation. If you want to make a stretchy fabric, you can use 2 x 2. Or even 3 x 3 to make it super stretchy.

Tips on Knitting Rib Stitch

Here are some tips when you knitting the rib stitch. All of these are important basic knowledge for you to know.

1. Make 1 x 1 Rib Stitch

This type of rib stitch can be used for odd or even numbers of stitches. If it is an odd number, then you will end the row with a knit stitch. The result on the right side will look like a ‘V’.

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