Differences of Hat vs Cap, Which is Your Preference

As the cover for the head and hair, the hat has been around for centuries. Cap, on the other hand, is the hat’s modern counterpart. Hat vs cap has some similarities and differences. We’ll discuss it in this article.

Definition and Characteristics of a Hat

Differences of Hat vs Cap

This head accessory is characterized by a shaped crown with a brim surrounding it. It has been used for centuries for many purposes. Such as part of religious or ceremonial attire, as a part of the official uniform, or simply for daily activities. Characteristics of hats are:

  • Have two components: crown and brim.
  • The crown is not necessarily snug to the head.
  • The brim size can vary, such as a very short brim called stingy brims, and the wide brim called cartwheel.
  • It has different looks, such as casual, semi-formal, and formal look.
  • Decorated with feathers, trims, ribbons, and many more.
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Definition and Characteristics of a Cap

Differences of Hat vs Cap

As the modern counterpart of a hat, a cap is simply a brimless hat. Characterized by the peak and a visor at the front. The designs can vary, such as trucker caps, baseball caps, or snapbacks. Used to shade the face from the sun, for daily activities, and sometimes also as a part of formal attire.

  • The crown fits snuggly to the head.
  • No brim, but visor. It can be short like in the baseball cap. Or a bit longer like the common ones.
  • Has a casual or semi-formal look.
  • Mostly worn by men.
  • It can be used as a part of a uniform, or simply as a head accessory for casual attire.
  • Examples of caps are baseball caps, skullcaps (beanies), and berets.
  • For hats, an example is a fedora hat, bowler, and cartwheel.
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The differences

Hat vs Cap

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