5 Types of Zippers and The Functions, You Should Know

Knowing about the fashion world is inseparable from the zipper. This item is often used to incorporate fabric or leather. So, some people didn’t understand what types of zippers are in the clothes that they wear.

Undoubtedly, the role of zippers can’t be underestimated. If the pants or some of the clothes don’t use the zip, it will be a more complicated matter. Here’s the kind of zipper that will be explained in the next part.

Types of Zippers and The Functions

Types of Zippers in General

There are five kinds of zippers that are used for daily activities. In this section, we will explain coil, plastic, metal, vislon, and invisible zippers. Check the explanation below:

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1. Coil Zippers

Types of Zippers

The first type of zipper that will be explained is the coil. This zipper is one of the popular zippers made of polyester or nylon base. The coil zipper is very flexible to use. So, it’s very comfortable.

Besides, the teeth of zippers are subtle, so it will be a plus for the coil type. This zipper is suitable to use for making knit jackets or lightweight projects. Plus, with subtle coils for making bags and pockets.

2. Plastic Zippers

Types of Zippers

Here’s the second choice of zippers that we had to know about, plastic! A plastic zipper is constructed with a molded and melted tooth directly on the zipper. These teeth are similar to metal zippers.

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What’s more, this zipper contains cheap materials that made the zipper the most cost-effective choice. Inexpensive materials will affect this type of zipper that is stiffer than coils. Plastic zippers are great for thin clothes or children’s stuff.

3. Metal Zippers

Types of Zippers

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