French Terry vs Fleece | What is The Difference? Which is Better?

You may need cozy and warm clothing in the cold weather. French terry vs fleece has several differences since the fabrics are commonly used for loungewear. Both materials are knit fabric with a smooth, knitted surface.

Fleece has a velvety appearance caused by cutting the threads on the reverse side, while french terry has a fuzzy loop on the back. So, here are the key differences between a fleece and french terry you need to know.

French Terry vs Fleece | What is The Difference? Which is Better?

1. Warmth

Fleece is usually made from a heavyweight, and more warm material but doesn’t have great breathability. This fabric will trap hot air against the skin so it will make you feel warm as you wear it.

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Meanwhile, french terry has great breathability and is made from a lighter-weight material than fleece. There are a lot of tiny cotton-thread loops on the back that provide moisture-wicking on the cloth. It can also regulate body temperature.

The knitted structures used in both french terry and fleece are slightly different. The closed structure of knitted fleece makes it less warm and lighter. However, french terry provides warmth and more cooling than fleece.

2. Stretch

Both french terry vs fleece provides a four-way stretch which is vertically and horizontally. Fleece can stretch both vertically and horizontally in equal amounts.

While french terry more easily stretches horizontally which is better than fleece. Both fabrics are comfortable to wear for loungewear, sweatshirt, and hoodie.

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The fabrics also contain elastic fibers like Lycra, spandex, or elastane. The cloth manufacturers add those elastic fibers to give stretchiness to the material.

3. Softness

Fleece and french terry have a soft surface on the reverse side. There are a lot of cotton thread loops on french terry that make it soft to the touch.

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