1000D Cordura vs 500D | Which One Is Better? What Is the Difference?

Distinguishing one type of cloth from another is not easy, the same with 1000d cordura vs 500d. Although it has been proven to provide many benefits to many people, there are still people who do not know the difference between the two fabrics.

The amount types of fabric that you can find in the market, of course, often makes you confused both in choosing and distinguishing. Without good knowledge you will definitely have difficulty in distinguishing a type of cloth.

As a result, you will choose the wrong one because you don’t know the difference between one fabric and another. Therefore, knowledge in distinguishing type of fabric is very important for everyone to have.

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That way you can choose the fabric according to your needs, and there are no more cases of buying the wrong fabric. For example, how to distinguish 1000d cordura vs 500d cloth which incidentally is a cloth of the same type, namely cordura.

For those of you who don’t know, cordura fabric is a cloth made from a mixture of nylon, polyester, and cotton. With a mixture of these materials, it has strong properties with excellent resistance to all weather.

It is also known for having many advantages which also make it much liked by people. Among them are having a strong character, having many color variations, being water resistant, the material being light, and having bright colors.

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The Difference Between 1000D Cordura Vs 500D

The Difference Between 1000D Cordura Vs 500D

In addition to these advantages, this cloth in general also has several characteristics that make it quite popular with many people. Some of these characteristics are thick materials, neat and strong cloth fibers, not hot when used, waterproof, and many others.

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