6 Best Fabric for Tie Dye and A Guide to Choose the Right Material

This kind of fabric is mostly used for samples or trial product and the price is cheap. Although the price is cheap, this fabric is not easily fading and can hold the color for a long time.

4. Denim

Best Fabric for Tie Dye

Denim is the material that also made from cotton so it also has some advantages that have been mention before. When it comes to tie dyeing with denim, it is better to use a simple design.

The texture of this fabric is stiffer than other fabrics so it is difficult to fold and to squeeze. Thus, it is difficult to create a detailed and complex design. Bleaching is the best option for dark denim and color dyed is good for light denim.

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5. Wool

Best Fabric for Tie Dye

Wool is a fabric made from animal hair such as goats. It is better to not use wool with dye for cellulose. Instead, it’s best to apply with hot water and dye acid.

Wool is a fabric that needs special treatment during the bathing process. In order to keep hot water during the bath process, it needs a stainless steel container. So, it may be challenging for beginners.

6. Rayon

Best Fabric for Tie Dye

Rayon is one of the manmade fabrics that come from wood pulp. So it is classified as a natural fabric because it contains cellulose. This fabric works similarly to cotton, making it is suitable for beginners.

The Description of Natural-Synthetic Blend Fabric for Tie Dye

Best Fabric for Tie Dye

There are many kinds of material made from both natural and synthetic fabrics. Blended fabrics are designed to obtain the benefits of two or more fabrics.

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As if the blend of cotton and polyester has the good quality of two fabrics. Cotton has good texture so it is comfortable to wear. Also, polyester has good resistance of wrinkle and long durability. Here are some kinds of blend fabric:

1. Cotton and Polyester Blend

There are many kinds of cotton blend proportions, such as 50/50, 60/40, 65/35 and 80/20. The proportion of cotton must be bigger than the other fabrics. It’s because the dye sticks well on cotton.

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