What Is Tricot Fabric and Its Uses You Should Know

If you are asking, what is tricot fabric? It refers to a knit material that is created on a flatbed machine. The weave will create a crosswise rib on the back and a zigzag effect on the front fabric.

Tricot fabric is stretchy, soft, and smooth that has natural or synthetic fibers on it. So, here are the things you need to know about tricot fabric and its uses.

What Is Tricot Fabric

What Is Tricot Fabric?

What is tricot fabric? It is known as a warp-based fabric that has a unique knit material. The word tricot comes from the French verb called ‘Tricoter’, which means knitting.

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It’s different from most knit fabrics, the tricot is woven using a flatbed knitting machine. The lengthways thread is dominantly in warp-based fabric.

However, they will form into interwoven loops with weft threads that have different ratios. This process will help to create a crosswise and lengthwise rib pattern on the front and the back of the fabric.

The lengthways will give texture and durability to the material making it easier to work than any other knit. Also, you can get the best quality from the stretch, stability, and firmness of woven fabric and knit.

Tricot fabric has fiber content that is great and run-resistant. In addition, the characteristics consist of water absorption, heat-retention, antibacterial, quick-drying, and form-fitting.

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What Is Tricot Fabric

The Use of Tricot Fabric

Tricot fabric comes in different weights that are best for many projects called a denier. It will offer the same durability, stretchiness, and comfort in the material. So, here’s the list of the most popular uses of tricot fabric:

1. Sportswear

What Is Tricot Fabric
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