Genuine Leather vs Real Leather and Difference Between It

Some people may still have difficulty in distinguishing genuine leather vs real leather correctly. Although both are two types of clothing-making materials derived from genuine animal skins, they still have differences.

Fabrics have various types that are distinguished from their characteristics. Some are suitable for use in summer, and some are suitable for use in winter. That way you can be more comfortable even if you have to move when the weather is hot or cold.

Meanwhile, for leather itself, many people like it because it is one of the quality materials if it is used as a raw material for making a product. You can make jackets, bags, shoes, wallets, belts, watch straps, and many others.

The many uses possessed by leather also make the price quite expensive in the market. Leather also gives an elegant and classy impression to every user, so don’t be surprised if leather has a fairly high price.

This difference is one of the advantages and disadvantages that make it much liked by many people. If you want to know more about this material, you can immediately listen to our discussion of genuine leather vs real leather below.

Difference Between Genuine Leather and Real Leather

Difference Between Genuine Leather and Real Leather

Genuine leather and real leather are both types of materials that are obtained directly from animal skins. Animals that are usually used for their skin are cows, buffalo, horses, crocodiles, and many others.

The animals are given quality feed and are well cared for by the breeders to produce skin that has good quality as well. Well, it is in this treatment process that determines whether a leather is classified as genuine leather or real leather.

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