The Differences Between Alpaca vs Merino Wool You Should Know

Alpaca vs merino wool is probably similar in characteristics that are soft and warm. This type of wool is a natural fabric that comes from animals like alpaca and merino sheep.

In addition, alpaca and merino wool offer you exotic, high-quality fabrics and are more expensive than the other. Here is some information about merino and alpaca wool differences you should know.

1. Texture

Alpaca wool is one of the softest fabrics in the world. This type of wool consists of different classifications such as Royal alpaca, superfine, fine, medium, and strong.

However, you can determine the fabric’s softness by measuring the width of a single fiber in microns. Royal alpaca fibers are the softest with less than 18 microns and the strongest ones measure around 30 microns.

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Meanwhile, there are also five classifications of merino wool such as ultrafine, superfine, fine, medium, and strong. The measurement in ultrafine merino is less than 24 microns, which has a similar texture to cashmere.

Merino wool is prickly to the touch, while alpaca fibers are consistent and smooth in texture. However, both fabrics are super soft, but alpaca wool is softer than merino.

2. Durability

Both alpaca vs merino wool are durable and strong fibers. Alpaca fibers intend to have a higher tensile strength than merino so they can be stretched and pulled without breaking. This fiber is more durable and stronger than merino.

On the other hand, merino wool is also strong making it perfect for making beanies and socks. Both fabrics will last longer if you take care of them properly.

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3. Warmth

Alpaca and merino wool are typically warm fibers since they’re made from animals that lived in the mountains. So, they need to adapt their fur to keep them warm when the weather gets cold.

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