7 Best Inks for Screen Printing Products Recommendation

Screen printing is a kind of technique to transfer a stencil design to a flat surface. This process uses equipment like a mesh screen, squeegee, and ink. Choosing the best inks for screen printing is important to produce a good design.

Generally, screen printing inks can be used on a variety of surfaces like fabric or paper. You can use it to create t-shirt designs or other products to sell. So, here’s the list of screen printing inks you should know.

1. Speedball Screen Printing Ink

Best Inks for Screen Printing

This type of ink is perfect to use on fabric. The designs will show very well since it has opaque characteristics. In addition, Speedball has a selection of pearlescent inks, which is a quite different color than usual.

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Speedball screen printing inks are a good recommendation to make your designs stand out. Also, you can fix the inks using iron and wash the fabric in water up to 40⁰C once they’re set.

2. Hunt the Moon Screen Printing Ink Starter Kit

Best Inks for Screen Printing

If you’re looking for a starter kit, Hunt the Moon is one of the best inks for screen printing that provides good value for money. It contains six vibrant colors that you can mix with primary shades.

Hunt the Moon water-based inks can be used on paper, cards, and fabric with awesome results. However, these inks have a strong odor so it’s better to open a window while using it.

In addition, these inks need to heat-cure for fabric use. You can add gold and silver inks to bring some sparkle to your designs. It can also add an extra dimension to print which is perfect for a gift.

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3. Jacquard Screen Printing Ink

Best Inks for Screen Printing

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