What is Tencel Fabric | Everything You Need to Know, Here is The Review

However, due to its versatility and quality, some manufacturers often mix it with other synthetic fibers or color it using dyes that are not very good for the environment.

So, if you are an environmentalist, you can look for a colorless Tencel fabric. It is because the Tencel fibers will produce a clean white fabric and do not need bleach.

What Are Tencel Fabric Properties?

After knowing the definition of Tencel fabric, you should know its various properties. This is because Tencel fabric has positive properties so many people love it. The following is an interesting review of the properties of Tencel fabric:

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1. Appearance

Tencel fabric looks and feels similar to silk due to its smoothness. Then, you can see a little shimmer on the Tencel fabric so it looks like a cotton satin fabric. Also, Tencel is resistant to wrinkles and the texture is smooth and falls flat without any creases left behind.

2. Softness

You will feel softness when you touch the Tencel fabric so that it resembles bamboo fabric because of its softness. However, compared to cotton, you won’t feel scratchiness, stiffness, and pilling when you touch it.

This is all because this fabric has very fine fibers and the woven is so tightly that only a few threads are visible. You will have difficulty seeing the holes and also the texture on the Tencel.

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3. Gentle On The Skin

This is a fabric types that is suitable for those of you who have sensitive skin. It is because Tencel has natural antibacterial properties so it is less likely to cause allergies and irritation.

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