What is Tencel Fabric | Everything You Need to Know, Here is The Review

That’s why you often see baby gear, active clothes, and underwear using Tencel fabric. Also, the softness of the Tencel fabric minimizes the risk of rubbing on the skin, even if you move around frequently.

What is Tencel Fabric

4. Breathability

Tencel fabric has small fibers that are lightweight and you will feel comfortable wearing them. This unique fabric composition allows air to pass through freely. Therefore, many clothing and bedding companies use this fabric.

5. Durability

When it comes to durability, Tencel fabric is quite durable. So, you can use Tencel fabric every day and wash it often without worrying about wear and tear. If you want the Tencel fabric to last longer, you can wash it by hand.

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6. Moisture Absorbency

If you compare it to cotton fabric, Tencel fabric is much more absorbent. This is because this fabric is from nanofibrils so the ability to absorb moisture is terrific. So, clothes with Tencel fabric can quickly remove sweat and minimize the risk of dryness sticking to the skin.

Then, it can reduce the possibility of bacteria that can cause body odor when you sweat. Furthermore, Tencel fabric has excellent breathability that makes it dry quickly and is a popular choice for active wear.

Now you know the answer to the question what is Tencel fabric. It is an eco-friendly fabric that offers softness and durability. Therefore, it is no wonder that many manufacturers of active clothing, sportswear, and beddings use this fabric.

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