What is Ponte Fabric | Here is What You Need to Know

What is Ponte Fabric

Characteristics of Ponte Fabric

What is Ponte fabric characteristics can be seen in the explanation below, with all the advantages that the user can be benefited from:

1. Breathability

This is due to the viscose content (rayon) in Ponte fabric. Because it is a natural fiber even though mixed with a chemical to make it soft to turn into fabric. The characteristic made Ponte fabric breathable and comfortable for various climates.

2. Comfort

Ponte is a soft and comfortable fabric. Even the heavyweight Ponte has a flexible and light feel that makes it comfortable to wear. You can move without restriction, and it gives a streamlined look like a tailored garment.

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3. Strength and Durability

As a mix of synthetic and semi-synthetic fibers, Ponte is run-resistant. The strength comes from polyester as the strongest fiber available. The stretch and recovery come from spandex, which prevents the fabric from tearing.

The rayon adds abrasion resistance. Overall, you will have a soft fabric to wear but can take daily knocks off a busy activity.

4. Shrinking

What is Ponte fabric’s disadvantage? It tends to shrink after the first wash. That way, better wash it with warm water and then dry it with medium heat, before you start to cut and sew with it. The shrinkage is between 5% to 15%.

5. Shiny

Ponte fabric normally has a matt finish. That is because it tends to be used for more functional garments. Such as daily wear for office work or daily activity. You can use it depending on your needs and occasion.

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