What is Velour Fabric | Pros and Cons and Common Uses

Learn about what is velour fabric has become a popular idea with no less unique features. Even if you want to try using this type of fabric, you will know the difference when compared to other fabrics. But do you really need these clothes?

Velour is a type of fabric similar to Velvet which is lighter, but still durable. It became popular in the mid-19th century and has become an alternative to the notoriously expensive Velvet fabric. The main materials for this fabric are polyester and textiles.

If you are thinking about buying Velour fabric for a sewing project or also for making clothes, then Velor material should be well known. Maybe you’ve heard of it but still haven’t experienced this type of fabric.

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In addition, Velor is also available in a synthetic version and remains durable. This comfortable and warm fabric garment makes you likely to need this type of fabric. In terms of the existing offerings of this fabric, we will discuss its uniqueness and it is very special.

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What is Velour Fabric and what are the Common Uses?

Is the explanation above the definition clear enough? These characteristics include something soft, durable, thick, warm, and breathable at the same time. But this quality clearly has a particular use, regarding what this fabric is made for in general.

Most velour has a soft nap on both sides, so for use, it is also a good choice such as tops, leggings, dresses, and many more. This fabric’s properties are also a popular choice for people who want to get clothes that are comfortable but durable.

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