The Things About Knitting Design of Socks for Beginners

The knitting design of socks might be tricky for some reason. As a beginner, you’ll have to choose the right pattern or yarn to create good socks.

However, you should also follow the basic instructions so you can comfortably knit the design. So, here is the complete guide on how to knit socks for beginners.

1. Designing Socks

You can find the main sources for the knitting design of socks by a stitch pattern or yarn. A spiral pattern is a good choice if you want to show off the yarn that is combined with various colors.

You can also try a stitch pattern as an alternative to working on a sock. In addition, you should choose your yarn carefully. The reason is that the cables easily pop since there are a lot of high-twist sock yarns.

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2. Understanding the Basic Constructions

Generally, there are two main basic constructions of socks such as toe up or cuff down. This type of construction probably is the best to choose and comfortable to knit, especially top down.

In addition, most socks start with inches of ribbing and are knit in a straight tube. Then starts to knit a heel over half the stitches and rejoin into the round.

You can find any stitch patterns that are tight to the top of the sock and the sole knit in plain stocking will decrease for the toe. After that, you can try the main variations in socks depending on your design.

3. Fitting Stitch Patterns

Repeating the stitch pattern around the main part is the first thing you’ll need to know when knitting the sock design. The number of stitches can vary depending on the size of the design.

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