How to Knit Blanket for Beginners You Should Know

Knitting a blanket can be a big undertaking. But this article will show the skills you need, the type of needles and yarn to use, and many useful things on how to knit blanket to perfection.

There are a few basic knitting techniques you need to know before you start to knit a blanket. Such as how to cast on and off, the knit stitch, and weaving in ends. But there could be an additional skill you will need as you experience more.

How to Knit Blanket

Let’s Start Knitting a Blanket

Now that you know the basic techniques for knitting, let’s start on how to knit blanket. The most important thing to remember is to be careful not to make a too-tight cast.

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1. Cast On

Start the knit by calculating how many stitches to cast on. You can make it from a swatch or by looking at a pattern. Just remember not to cast on too tight.

2. Knit the Border

Now make the foundation row of the blanket. The first rows will function as the border of the blanket on one side. Then, create a border on the other two sides of the blanket. Knit a border on the beginning and the end of the row.

3. Knit the Body

After you finish knitting the border, continue knitting the blanket’s main body. You need to pay attention to the pattern you want to make. Such as when to change yarn colors or make a new pattern.

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You will spend a lot of time at this stage. Especially if you want to make some pattern, or the blanket you want to make is very wide.

4. Cast-Off

When all the knitting is done, get ready to cast off. Make a stretchy cast-off so the final edge is not tighter than the others.

5. Finishing

This step includes tying in ends, seaming any pieces together, and blocking. To avoid loose ends, weave them into the blanket stitches. Use a yarn needle and then cut them short.

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