5 Best Fabric for Sublimation Printing, You Should Know

All people know about fabric in general. It has many functions and ways to use it. One of them is sublimation. Here’s info about fabric for sublimation printing, which is good.

Knowing more about sublimation printing, it was one of the six popular methods used to stick designs on fabric. This approach gives t-shirt writers a lot of benefits. No wonder the method was the best way to design fabrics.

Fabric for Sublimation
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What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is one of the methods in screen printing that is using a digital template as an instrument. In short, this method moved the design from paper to fabric using special tools and ink.

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Called Digital Printing, it has several advantages. Cost efficiency is the first one. Then, sublimation printing is easy to apply. Also, flexibility use is a great point when you use the method.

Best Fabric for Digital or Sublimation Printing

Generally, the best fabric contains polyester in it. Owing to sublimation printing, it needs to earn the best result and be more flexible. BSY, Scuba, and Jersey are some of the finest for sublimation printing. Here’s the other:

1. BSY

Fabric for Sublimation

First, we will see the BSY or Bi Shrinkage Yarn type. This is the best fabric for sublimation printing. It is made of 100% polyester with two kinds of filaments.

There are two reasons why BSY is attached to the top-listed material. BSY gives a captivating and wonderful color to the dye sublimation print result. The shrinkage of this fabric is then estimated to be very small, 0.5%.

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