The Differences Between Alpaca vs Merino Wool You Should Know

Merino wool has pockets that trap air inside to keep the body warm. Meanwhile, the alpaca wool is hollow inside, allowing for warm air to fill them.

4. Weight

Wool fabrics are typically used for cold-weather activewear and outerwear. This fabric is lightweight and warm which makes it perfect for doing activities in the winter.

Alpaca wool is very lightweight since they are hollow and contain more air. Also, it is a good choice for coats, sweaters, and outdoor wear.

In addition, merino fiber is a bit heavier than alpaca wool, so it’s not recommended to wear it during heavy activities. This fabric is a good option for accessories like hats, socks, gloves, and scarves since it’s not too heavy.

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5. Moisture Wicking

Wool fabrics are designed to keep your body warm but sometimes they can cause sweating. They are commonly worn during winter that covers you in snow and cold rain.

Alpaca wool repels water naturally and has a great moisture-wicking ability. The reason is that the warm air gets trapped inside the hollow part of the fibers. Then, the moisture will evaporate quickly since the water can’t saturate through them.

Meanwhile, merino wool absorbs moisture since the fibers aren’t hollow and have pockets inside. The water still wicks moisture away when the warm air gets trapped inside the fibers.

That’s the information about alpaca vs merino wool you should know. Both fabrics offer you the best quality material and their advantages. So, make sure you choose what type of fabric that is perfect for you.

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