Top 6 Screen Printing Software Options, You Should Know!

If you want to make screen printing with professional quality, you must know about screen printing software. In addition, this software will help you in designing images and separating colors.

There is a lot of software that you can use, but choose one that can accommodate all your needs because each software has different features from the others. If you want to know more about screen printing software, here is the review:

Screen Printing Software

What is Screen Printing Software?

To produce quality screen printing, you need some software, such as software for graphic design and software for color separation. Some software can do both in one package, but the price is higher.

As an alternative, you can use some software to support your screen printing and make your work easier. Moreover, graphic design software will be useful for you to create designs from scratch. Alternatively, some software also allows you to create professional designs from the available templates.

While the color separation software is useful for taking the image and breaking it into its individual color. So, you can print one color at a time and simplify your screen printing process by using screen printing software.

Graphic Design Software

You have to start with a great design to get a high-quality print. However, you don’t need to worry because there is graphic design software that will help you in making professional-grade images or typography for screen printing.

The following are some graphic design software that you can use for your screen printing needs:

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1. Adobe Illustrator

Screen Printing Software

For screen printing, you need a design with a clear and precise vector format, and this software is perfect for you. Then this software has quite comprehensive accessibility and is equipped with every tool you need for your screen printing.

In addition, you can access this software on Mac or Windows. Then, the price is quite affordable, you can subscribe for a monthly fee of USD 21 or an annual fee of USD 240.

2. Affinity Designer

Screen Printing Software

This screen printing software offers an excellent vector design program as well as raster processing technology. With this software, you can create complex images that work well both in physical form and on screen.

This software is specially made for professional use so it is suitable for you to use for your screen printing business. Furthermore, this software can handle large images and control multiple projects at once.

Also, this software has several color control options so that it is easier for you to prepare designs for you to print. Despite the excellent performance, the price is reasonable, which is USD 54.

3. CorelDraw

Screen Printing Software

This software provides a variety of vector design tools and color separation programs so you can prepare your prints easily. Then, some people think that this software is easier to use and more intuitive than Adobe.

Unfortunately, the price is quite expensive, USD 500 plus an additional fee if you want the latest version in the coming year.

Color Separation Tools

In the screen printing process, it takes a separate screen for each color in an image. So you have to separate the colors in your designs and you need a tool to simplify this process. Here is some color separation software that you can use:

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1. EZ Screen

Screen Printing Software

This software allows you to break up complex images into three to four color layers. So, this can make it easier for you to prepare the layer to work on any material color and prevent color bleeding.

Furthermore, this software can also save your designs in many formats and provides several advanced options. Unfortunately, to enjoy a comprehensive package, you have to pay USD 795.

2. Separo

Screen Printing Software

This is a useful screen printing software to separate the basic colors for your designs. With this software, you can easily break down your image into separate color layers and print those layers quickly.

You can have a monthly subscription for USD 49 and a monthly advanced plan for USD 149. You can use it depending on your needs.

3. Simpleseps

Screen Printing Software

If you use CorelDraw, you can integrate it with Simpleseps. The software provides all the print settings you’ll need, such as handling halftones or adding a white under the base.

The price of this software varies, depending on how many computers to use it on. So, for those of you small screen printing business owners, it is suitable to use this software.

Those are some screen printing software options that you can use. Then, choose one of these software that makes your screen printing process easier. Also, consider the price because it will be included in your production budget.


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