What is DTF Printing: New and Advanced Printing Techniques

What is DTF Printing explanation is everything you know as the new and advanced printing method. Marketers have been looking for every way to produce a product with an outstanding design and function during increasingly popular product production.

Most of the time, the essence of design is considered the most important for mass clothing production. Bring out all of it because, with an attractive design, the target is getting narrower, but it is easier to attract their attention to make them stand out in the crowd.

But, now, instead of just focusing on design, we will also share the importance of quality. Regardless of your beautiful design, the highlighted quality is also essential. And so that you can combine the two in one fabric, the correct printing method is the key.

When choosing the printing method, what you should prioritize is DTF printing. DTF stands for Direct to Film, where during the printing process, the design will be transferred to materials such as textiles, caps, wood, plastic, and more to come in the digital printing.

What is DTF Printing and Why Is DTF Printing Also a Good Idea to Implement?

What is DTF Printing

Direct to Film, also known as Direct Transfer Design, has many unique things you may need to know first. Unlike DTG, which is directly applied to garments, this DTF is more of a unique film coating, and then the design is transferred to the materials.

DTF printing is a result of the popularity of printing. What is DTF printing was born when the market demand in the printing industry was huge. With the small and diverse printing method, we highly recommend that you try this printing method for the reasons:

  1. Wide Variety of Materials

DTF printing works with everything, at least, this is an illustration for those of you who want to know the material that can be used for this method. DTF works with many printing materials, such as cotton, nylon, polyester, light and dark fabrics, and others.

  1. No Pretreatment Needed

If you already know about the DTG printing method, one of the most apparent differences is that this one doesn’t require any pretreatment. What is DTF printing only uses a particular film, so it has been processed before being purchased.

  1. Use Less White Ink

Reducing the amount of white ink will save you a lot of money. The white ink tends to be the most expensive in the market. So for cost reduction, DTF printing has the advantage; it only needs 40% of the white ink overall.

  1. More Durable than DTG

For now, we will discuss the durability of using this kind of printing. We can guarantee the durability as one of the best. Heavy-use items make the printing results appear more quality and durable on what is DTF transfer.

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