Difference Between DTF vs DTG and All You Need to Know about It

In the world of clothing printing, there are many techniques that can be used, one of which is DTF vs DTG which many people don’t know about the difference. Will you be one of them? No need to worry because we will provide a discussion about it.

One of the printing techniques that use machines in the process is DTF and DTG. Even though they have almost the same name, they both have significant differences starting from the machine used, printing method, printing design, type of ink, to quality.

Curious what are the things that distinguish DTF vs DTG? You can listen to the discussion that we have summarized in full below.

The Difference Between DTF vs DTG

Although both are techniques used to print designs on clothing, DTF and DTG have significant differences. You can even find these differences from various things ranging from the type of machine used, the way of working, the fabric used, to the quality of the finished product.

The DTF method or direct transfer film is a printing method that uses paper and screen printing adhesive flour in the manufacturing process. While DTG or direct to garment is a printing method without using paper and the whole process is done by machines.

The understanding of the two becomes the first difference between DTF vs DTG. Here we provide further differences between the two printing methods using this digital printing.

  1. Machine and material size

The most distinguishing thing between these two clothing printing techniques is the machine used. For DTF, use a Riecat Alpha Basic printer with A3 sheet paper in the form of a roll at a cheaper price.

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