Things About Color Separation for Screen Printing You Need to Know

Color separation for screen printing is a process to separate a design or artwork into different color segments. It is important to separate the colors before you print them. However, you can use software to make the whole process easier.

The color separation procedure is to arrange the file for printing needs. So, here are the things about the color separation process you need to know.

What Is Color Separation for Screen Printing?

Color separation is the process to separate the different colors that appear in an image into individual pictures by using a program. The process will help you to separate images for each color in the design.

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You can create a full design by layering the images. However, the process can work for one color at a time and still need to separate images to make multi-color prints.

In a four-color print process, you’ll need to mix the base colors to get the different hues in the design. The color separation for screen printing software will divide images into a few with each base color.

The result will look like the original image when you print it using the four-color process. On the other hand, the spot or index color process usually uses more than four colors of ink.

The color separation will split a design into several images in the spot process. The process uses separate ink for each color in the image.

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Color Separation for Screen Printing

Types of Color Separation

Understanding the types of color separation may be a bit tricky and need more practice. However, knowing the procedures will help you to reach better outcomes. Here are types of color separation for screen printing include:

1. Spot Color Separations

Spot color separations are known as the most popular method used in screen printing. This method can range from raster logos or vector conversion to complex graphics with each shade having its ink to print separately.

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