5 Types of Zippers and The Functions, You Should Know

Metal Zippers are the next types of Zippers that are interesting to explain. These zippers are arranged with metal teeth. Sturdy form, it makes the metal zipper noticeably durable.

When you use metal, it will be heavier than the polyester, nylon-basis, or plastic counterparts. Hence, these kinds of zippers are allowed and suitable for heavy-duty coats, duffle bags, or leather projects which have thick materials.

4. Vislon or Derlin Zippers

Types of Zippers

Moving on to the fourth, Vislon is a zipper similar to coil and metal. Contrasted to a coil zipper, its dotted teeth are of course longer spaced apart.

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Also, this zipper is similar to the metal zipper with one difference. Vislon zipper pulls are the same size or larger. In addition, zippers are perfect for bags or jackets.

5. Invisible Zippers

Types of Zippers

The invisible Zipper is the last part of the zipper that will be explained. Featuring a coil-like shape, the teeth are hidden next to the zipper tape. Also known as Japanese Zippers, this one is suitable for making a skirt or dress.

Types of Zippers, Stopper, and Slider Directions

There is another type of zipper with its stopper and slider. Open-end Zippers, Closed end Zippers, and Two-Way Tail-to-Tail Zippers are the name of the kind. Here are the things:

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1. Closed end Zippers

Types of Zippers

Closed-end Zippers are the kind of zippers that have a fusion end, assisting with the stopper so it can’t be separated. Also, this one is usually suitable for making pants, shirts, bags, and boots.

2. Open-end Zippers

Types of Zippers

This type is the opposite of the first one. The teeth of the open-end zipper are easy to pull out. It is combined using a box mechanism and pins located at the bottom end of the zipper. Usually, this zipper is always used for jackets.

3. Two-Way Zippers

Types of Zippers

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