Things About Knitting with Magic Loop You Need to Know

Generally, the magic loop refers to a technique that uses one long circular needle. Knitting with magic loop can be a great alternative to creating different circumferences of projects. Also, this technique is popular to try on for beginners.

You can knit small circumferences in the round like hats, sleeves, mitts, and socks. However, this technique works on any project to fit around a circular needle with fewer stitches. So, here are the things about the magic loop technique.

Knitting with Magic Loop

What is Magic Loop?

The magic loop is a knitting technique to create small circumference projects by using one long, circular needle. You can knit the neck of a sweater, sleeves, socks, or any project with only a few stitches.

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Knitting with magic loop primarily uses a circular needle with a flexible cable. However, you may need any needle with a less slippery material like wood as an option.

In addition, you can choose the needle length depending on the size of your project. For example, a needle with 32” or 80 cm works best on mitts and socks, while 40” or 100 cm is mostly for sweater sleeves.

However, these two lengths mostly will cover the magic loop needed for your project. Circular needle lengths are measured from the tip, not the cable.

In the knitting process, you may need to use a marker on the right of the last stitch. It is because when you reach the end the magic loop round will not fall off.

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The round commonly starts one stitch after the marker. So, you can pay attention to the start of the round by looking for the supporting thread.

Knitting with Magic Loop Step-by-step

Primarily magic loop technique works best for circumference projects. You should prepare the materials and follow the instructions to get it done. So, here are some steps to knit using a magic loop, as follows:

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