Fleece vs Flannel | What Is the Difference? Which One Will You Choose?

Both fleece vs flannel provides you with high-quality material that is perfect for bedding, pajamas, and winter wear. Fleece is made of synthetic material with a knitted structure. Meanwhile, the flannel contains natural material and a loose woven structure.

In addition, both types of material share slightly similar characteristics like softness, durability, warmth, and others. So, here’s the thing about fleece and flannel you should know.

1. Durability

Generally, fleece contains polyester fibers that will last longer since it cannot biodegrade. This fabric does not pill and shrinks easily which is better than flannel.

You can find flannel sometimes collecting many little bobbles over its surface. While fleece gets softer and also loses its fluffy surface in every wash.

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On the other hand, flannel does wear out quickly, but it may keep its appearance and softness longer. In this case, this fabric can last longer than fleece with proper care.

2. Softness

Fleece is often softer and has a little plasticky feel than flannel due to its synthetic materials. While flannel contains silk fibers that make it feel much softer than fleece.

Both fleece vs flannel go through a napping process that features soft texture on at least one side of the fabric material. Flannel has a slight fuzziness on its woven surface, while fleece has a thicker and deeper pile.

3. Warmth

Fleece mostly has a thicker nap and is warmer than flannel. On the other hand, flannels are cozy and warm, especially when they use high-quality material like wool fibers.

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