10 Types of Best Fabric for Underwear You Should Know

Nylon is a type of fabric made from crude oil. The material is initially made into plastic, then chemically processed to produce fabric fibers. Nylon fiber has the characteristics of being elastic and strong, making it suitable for use in underwear.

2. Polyester

Fabric for Underwear

Petroleum is the main ingredient of making PET Plastics. Then, processing the plastic through melt spinning to form polyester fabric fibers.

Polyester known as a fabric that is elastic, strong, and comfortable to wear. In addition, clothing or a mixture of other fabrics use this kind of polyester.

3. Spandex

Fabric for Underwear

Spandex is a synthetic fiber called polyurethane. The characteristics of this fabric are not easy to wear and elastic. For instance, it is quite popularly used as a material for making sportswear for underwear.

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4. Satin

Fabric for Underwear

Satin has different filament fibers like silk, nylon, and polyester. Moreover, the fibers are important to produce a smooth and shiny fabric for the manufacture of underwear and clothing.

This type of fabric tends not to absorb sweat easily. Therefore, it is not suitable for use throughout the day.

That’s all the information about the best fabric for underwear that you need to know. Both natural and synthetic materials are materials for making underwear. So, you should choose high-quality materials that are comfortable to use for daily activities.


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