Cotton vs Linen | What is The Difference? Which is Better?

Both fabrics come from natural fibers. So, both are breathable and soft, and durable. There are some differences between Cotton vs Linen that we can find. However, each has characteristics that can be beneficial for different purposes.

Cotton is more commonly used, either for clothing or any household wares. But for certain items such as bedsheets, people prefer linen. Due to its durability compared to cotton, both are easy to care for.

Learn About Cotton

Cotton vs Linen

Derived from the cotton plant, cotton is a staple fiber. This means cotton can be made into different types due to its different lengths of material. Such as Egyptian or Pima cotton. Including the many kinds of fabrics that can be made from it.

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Typically, cotton is white, but it can be dyed after it is spun into yarn. The yarn can be woven or knit, depending on the cotton fabric being made. However, it can determine the characteristics of the fabric, such as breathability.

Learn About Linen

Cotton vs Linen

Made from the flax plant, the fibers can be difficult to weave. However, it is making a lightweight yet strong fabric. Linen is also a staple fiber and is typically longer than cotton fibers.

Linen is typically a woven fabric and not many other fabrics are made from it. Only the standard linen fabric does not come in different textures and thicknesses. Usually, the color is white, but naturally, it is a more grayish-brown color.

Cotton vs Linen – The Key Differences

Cotton vs Linen What is The Difference

The above explanations are about the similarity. Now we will learn about cotton vs linen differences, even though each has its characteristics that might be beneficial for different projects. There are eight points to compare, as explained below:

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1. Breathability

Both are breathable fabrics but linen has more breathability than cotton. It is due to having hollow fibers and being loosely woven. Canvas and denim are the thicker and less breathable types of cotton weaves. So, the different weaves can determine its breathability.

2. Durability

Linen is more durable than cotton. Linen is also more rigid because of the cellulose fibers that are a bit longer. Linen is also weaved tighter than cotton yarn. That way, linen has more longevity and strength.

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