Pima Cotton vs Egyptian Cotton, What is the Difference?

Pima cotton vs Egyptian cotton has the main difference that is from the place they are grown. Pima cotton is mostly found in the dry regions of the USA, while Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile areas in Egypt.

However, both fabrics offer high-quality materials and are probably expensive. So, here’s the information about the difference between Egyptian and Pima cotton you should know.

1. Quality of Cotton

Both Pima and Egyptian cotton are the best quality fibers in the world. They are both made from a species of cotton called Gossypium Barbadense, which makes them luxuriant and super soft.

On the other hand, you can still find imitations of cotton with poor-quality materials since it’s popular. You should check the garment label and do a touch test to identify the cotton whether it’s an imitation or not.

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Both Egyptian and Pima cotton have a soft and smooth surface when you touch them. While the other one has a stiff and coarser surface. Also, the original one always has a label and official license as a trademark.

2. Texture

Both Pima cotton vs Egyptian cotton have a slight difference in their texture. Pima contains fibers that are a bit shorter than Egyptian, which makes it feel less silky. This cotton is also created from different weaves.

Pima cotton tends to be a percale weave so it can create a crisp feel to the fabrics. Meanwhile, Egyptian cotton has a sateen weave in the fibers.

3. Breathability

Pima and Egyptian cotton are natural fibers that can absorb moisture and are breathable. It will keep you cool when you’re wearing it in hot weather.

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