Different Types of Weaving Fabric and Each Techniques

Different examples of plain weaves are taffeta, crepe, muslin, and organdy. Of all these types of yarn, you have some unique details. Especially in terms of texture, this fabric will make users feel comfortable and more fabulous.

  1. Satin Weave

Next on types of weaving fabric, we have the Satin Weave. It produces a smooth and glassy material, especially from the surface being shiny, while the back feels dull. The continuous warp yarn is an exception when wearing a satin weave.

With satin weave, you will feel the fabric that easily snags. And this also means lesser weft threads with other warp intersections. This weave is not under the solid weaves category but is more often used as bed linen weaves.

  1. Basketball Weave

Basketweave falls under the category of pali weaves, but this requires more than one thread. In general, you can apply this type of weave under the style. However, the disadvantages of this types of weaving fabric basket are it is not durable and difficult to rent.

  1. Twill Weave

Twill weaves are different types of fabric weaves whose presence of diagonal parallel ribs are distinguished from each other. Twill weave fabric is also one of the three primary varieties of textile weaves and is one of the most common.

  1. Oxford Weave

Oxford weave has the characteristics of the version of the plain weave but is twice as large as it. So the collection in this oxford weave is more under each pick. With those of you using Oxford weave, you’ll also find another pinpoint in the filler.

  1. Jacquard Weave

If this is probably not the types of weaving fabric that you often hear about. Jacquard weave is one of the most luxurious and was invented by the Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard. Its characteristic is that it is expensive and the design is evergreen.

  1. Herringbone Weave

Herringbone weave is another name for Feather Twill Weave. With a zig-zag pattern and a V Shape or Crisscross design, the Herringbone weave is always attractive. Even the fabrics and yarns used here seem to suit many people.

  1. Leno Weave

When discussing types of fabric weaves, people also refer to Leno Weave. This is known as the combination of a skeleton with warp twisters that strang tightly. Resilience fabric is an advantage for those who want to use leno weave.

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