Best Types of Fabric Upholstery that You Must Know

Types of fabric upholstery the original certainly has good quality starting from the material is smooth, comfortable, and harmless when in direct contact with your skin. There are cotton, silk, wool, leather, linen, polyester, and many others.

Types of Fabric Upholstery Commonly Sold in the Market

The fabrics mentioned above certainly have their own characteristics and characteristics that make them much liked by consumers. Here are some fabrics commonly used for upholstery furniture.

  1. Cotton

Types of Fabric Upholstery

Cotton fabric is included in the type of textile material that has the characteristics of being soft and not hot. Cotton also has a fairly affordable price when compared to other types of fabrics.

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Because it has soft characteristics and is not hot, cotton is very suitable to be chosen as an upholstery for those of you who live in areas with tropical climates. Cotton is also divided into sections based on the thickness of the fabric.

  1. Polyester

Types of Fabric Upholstery

Then, the next types of fabric upholstery is polyester which is used as a sofa upholstery because it has properties that are very durable and not easily torn. Not only that, polyester is also available in several color choices and motifs that you can choose according to your wishes.

  1. Leather

Types of Fabric Upholstery

Leather may be one of the most expensive materials used for upholstery. However, by paying a lot of money, you will get furniture that looks elegant and classy.

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In addition, leather also has another advantage, namely durability that can last a very long time if cared for properly and properly. The care needed is also quite easy, you only need to wipe it at least once a month.

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