Differences of Hat vs Cap, Which is Your Preference

Differences of Hat vs Cap 4

  • Beach hats or sun hats. Usually have a large brim to shelter the face and neck from the sun.
  • Bowler or derby hats. A rounded hat, like the shape of a bowl. Horse jockeys use this type of hat; hence the name derby hats.
  • Fedora or trilby hats. Hats with a short brim. Used for a stylish look, vintage style.
  • Cowboy or western hats. Used by most ranchers, cowboys, and rodeo wrestlers.

Types of Caps

Differences of Hat vs Cap 5

There are also many types of caps. Mostly used on casual occasions, but mostly by men. The types are as below:

  • Baseball cap. Used by a baseball player, hence the name. to shade the face from the sun.
  • Snapback cap. A cap with an adjustable strap at the back. It is to make sure that the cap is a snug fit.
  • Fitted cap. A cap without an adjustable closure.
  • High profile cap. The crown height is higher than the head.
  • Low profile cap. The snug fit cap with a curved brim. Beanie is also called a low-profile cap.
  • Trucker cap. The front structure cap with a mesh back. It also has an adjustable strap at the back just like a snapback.
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The differences between hat vs cap are now easily identified. Each with its distinctive style and purpose. Either for formal or informal occasions.


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