Things About Puff Ink for Screen Printing You Need to Know

Puff ink for screen printing is a method that used to be printed on a design by mixing ink and additive. This process is slightly similar to standard screen printing with water-based or plastisol inks.

You can print a multicolor design and add depth to it to create a new dimension to a t-shirt, hoodies, and crewneck. So, here is the complete guide to puff ink printing you should know.

What is Puff Ink?

Puff ink is known as a combination of a heat-activated foaming agent for plastisol and screen printing ink. The additive will give an expanded or raised dimensional look when you add it to the garment.

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This process is great to simulate a clothing patch or outline specific areas. However, you can use puff ink for screen printing effectively on custom t-shirts, crewneck sweatshirts, and hoodies.

Puff ink gives a three-dimensional aspect to garments. The screen printing process with this type of ink is similar to standard steps with water-based ink.

You can choose specific colors or elements, or put puff ink across the entire design. It will give a ‘pop’ effect to a particular part of the design.

Puff ink is typically harder to match colors as opposed to using water-based ink in screen printing. It is because the additive can change colors. Also, It is usually easier to match in the lighter Pantone than in darker colors.

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Things About Puff Ink for Screen Printing You Need to Know

Puff Ink for Screen Printing Process

To create a great design with puff ink for screen printing, you have to follow the process carefully. Here is the process of puff ink you should know, as follows:

1. Creating Design

The first thing to do is create a design for your project. Puff ink usually works best with open vector shapes. You should create all lines and shapes within enough distance around each other.

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