What Is Bullet Fabric and Everything You Should Know About

The fabric produced from this blend has almost the same texture as crepe and is also quite elastic. Therefore, this material is often used as a material for making clothes, head bands, bows, and light weight wearable accessories.

For the manufacture of clothing itself, usually bullet fabric is used as material for making leggings or other clothing used for sports. However, the main factor that makes this fabric so popular is that the process is easy to wash and does not require difficult efforts to maintain.

What Is Bullet Fabric

What Is Bullet Fabric Advantages

The purpose of a cloth is made, of course, so that its benefits can be obtained, especially for us as users. That is also the purpose of making a bullet fabric with the following benefits.

  1. Has a smooth and soft material

Although it is a combination of knitted fabrics with other fabric materials. Bullet fabric still has a smooth and soft texture when held. Of course, if it is converted into clothes, it will be very comfortable when used.

  1. Have good air circulation

One of the factors in choosing materials to make clothes is to pay attention to the comfort factor they have. This is also one of the advantages of bullet fabric, namely having good air circulation, making it suitable for use in countries with tropical climates.

  1. Easy to absorb sweat

Because it is made of a mixture of polyester, this fabric is certainly very suitable for sports because it has a fairly good sweat absorption capacity. In addition, bullet fabric is also very easy to dry when washed.

  1. Easy to wash

One of the advantages of being able to dry easily from bullet fabric is that it is easier to wash. You also don’t need any special treatment at all to treat clothes with bullet materials.

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