Wool vs Fleece | What Is the Difference? Which One Will You Choose?

Both wool vs fleece has some characteristics regarding weight, warmth, softness, durability, and others. The fabrics made from different materials like fleece are synthetic, while wool contains natural fibers.

However, both fabrics serve the purpose of keeping the body warm in cold weather. For further, here is the thing about fleece and wool you should know.

1. Durability

Fleece contains synthetic materials which makes it more durable than wool. Generally, fabrics with synthetic materials are long-lasting and have great durability. The fibers are also strong and don’t break easily with extra care.

On the other hand, wool is categorized as a natural fabric that can last longer with proper care. The fibers are very flexible and a little hard to break.

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Wool can lose its quality over time if you don’t take care of it properly. Fleece probably has durability better than wool since it is synthetic. However, fleece is a great choice for outdoor or winter clothing.

2. Breathability

Generally, both wool vs fleece is very breathable to keep you warm and comfortable. Wool is slightly more breathable than fleece since it is a natural fiber.

This fabric also can circulate air among the fibers so well since it is from an animal. Meanwhile, fleece with woven fabrics is usually more breathable. This fabric can be coated with chemicals like a waterproof or flame retardant coating.

The chemicals in fleece can lower its breathability because air can’t easily penetrate the fibers. In this case, wool has some advantages: it is more breathable than fleece.

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3. Warmth

Wool has natural insulation to keep animals warm. You can find that many winter clothing tends to be made from wool because they will keep warm in the cold temperature.

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