Is Viscose Fabric Stretchy and the Reason You Should Know

There are many types of stretchy fabrics on the market, one of which is viscose fabric, but many people still ask is viscose fabric stretchy? To find out the answer, you can listen to the discussion that we have summarized below.

Therefore clothes were created to protect our bodies from dust, sharp objects, or excessive exposure to sunlight that can harm our bodies. Clothing also has its own function, such as being suitable for use in cold and hot places.

The characteristics of these various types of fabrics are also different, ranging from thick, thin, stiff, soft, to stretchy. However, there are still many people who ask is viscose fabric stretchy. Though this type of fabric is quite widely used to make various types of clothing.

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Viscose fabric is soft and light, so it’s no wonder that many people like it and use it as a substitute for silk at a lower price. Want to know more about this fabric? You can listen to our discussion about this.

Is Viscose Fabric Stretchy

Is Viscose Fabric Stretchy?

Viscose is a fabric that has been in use since the late 19th century. This material is much preferred because it has the characteristics of being soft and light so that it is comfortable when made into everyday clothes.

Viscose is a type of semi-synthetic rayon fabric made from wood pulp that is used instead of silk, as it has a drape and smooth feel similar to that of a luxury material. The term “viscose” refers specifically to a solution of wood pulp that is converted into cloth.

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But there are still many people who are still confused and question is viscose fabric stretchy? So, the answer is that viscose is a stretchy fabric when combined with spandex, so don’t be surprised if this type of fabric is often used as a material for making sportswear.

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