5 Differences Between Sherpa vs Fleece You Should Know

The main difference between sherpa vs fleece is in their fabric structures. Sherpa fabric generally resembles sheepskin with a fuzzy nap and a smooth knit on each side. This fabric is mostly used as a lining material for blankets.

While fleece is any fabric that is brushed on one side to bring a soft pile, which is perfect for lining, blanket, or jacket. So, here is the difference between sherpa and fleece fabrics you should know.

1. Thickness

Sherpa fabric has a characteristic like actual sheepskin in the thickness and the thinness of cotton. Its knit layer adds a combination of thickness and flexible lining material, but it still looks fairly thin.

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Meanwhile, fleece fabric offers a wide range of thicknesses that are described in gsm or grams per square meter. This means that a thicker fabric is more weight in a smaller space.

Sherpa vs Fleece

2. Softness

Generally, sherpa is one of the softest fabrics to use for winter wear. You can also find this fabric in so many baby items like blanks as it feels velvety to the touch.

On the other hand, fleece varies a lot in softness from scratchy to fairly soft. All the variations primarily have a nice, soft pile on one side but it feels more silky.

Some fleeces also have anti-pilling varieties that you can find in the market. However, it can help you to prevent scratchy nubs that form on napped fabrics.

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3. Warmth

Both sherpa vs fleece contain a great warmth in the material. This fabric helps to keep the body nice and insulated, especially in cold weather.

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