DTG vs Screen Printing | Which One Is Better for Your Business

There are so many good options for printing methods in the apparel industry. DTG vs screen printing is the most popular method that you can choose for your business.

Choosing the right printing method is important to saving costs or satisfying customers with product quality. So, here are the differences between screen printing and DTG, and which one is the best for your designs.

What is DTG Printing?

DTG vs Screen Printing

DTG (Direct-to-garment) is a printing process by spraying ink onto a garment with the help of modified inkjet technology. Then, it takes some time until the ink soaks into the fabric.

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This method requires no setup time which means it’s easy to print one-off items. You can connect your online store to a print provider that offers DTG.

The DTG work is quite simple so the manufacturer is automatically notified and starts the printing process, as the customer buys the product. After that, the order will be packed and shipped to the customer directly.

What is Screen Printing?

DTG vs Screen Printing

DTG vs screen printing is probably the most popular method for the custom apparel industry. Screen printing is a method that involves pushing ink through a mesh stencil or woven screen onto fabric.

It’s a bit different from DTG since the ink doesn’t soak but lays on top of the fabric. Each element of your design has a special screen that is applied layer by layer onto the fabric.

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So, it will probably take longer to print it depending on the layers of the design. This method has a longer setup time than DTG printing which is mostly used to print items in bulk.

DTG vs Screen Printing, Which One Is Better?

DTG vs Screen Printing

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