Difference Between DTG vs Sublimation That You Should Know

There are many types of screen printing, one of which is DTG and sublimation, do you know the difference between DTG vs sublimation? If not, you can find the answer from the discussion that we have summarized below.

Have you ever imagined what life would be like in this world if you never found clothes? Surely you will easily be cold and hot right? Because, clothes were created to protect our bodies from various things such as weather, dust, sharp objects, and many others.

However, over time apart from being used because of its function, clothes are also worn because of the beauty of the design and model. One of the designs that is often applied to clothing is screen printing.

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This technique for decorating clothes has been found since the time of the song dynasty, namely 960-1279 AD. As the times progressed, more and more innovations emerged in the development of this screen printing.

Even the work can be done by machines without any human assistance at all. One of the techniques used in screen printing is DTG and sublimation. Unfortunately, not many people know the difference between DTG vs sublimation.

Maybe you will be one of them? No need to worry, because we will provide a summary of the differences between the two screen printing techniques. Once you can find out the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of screen printing techniques.

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The Difference Between DTG vs Sublimation

In the world of printing there are many techniques used, one of which is the DTG printing technique and sublimation. Both are screen printing technique methods that use digital machines as well as traditional techniques.

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